Back in the Kitchen

Doesn't it just stink that it takes so much time in the kitchen to cook and prepare food, then it seems like in no time it's gone?! I certainly feel that way, but we all have to eat, and unless we buy boxed or prepackaged things, homemade things do require time. One good thing is if you make a big enough batch of something, you have extra to put in the freezer for another time. I found some granola bars in the freezer the other day while I was cleaning it out and got excited because I forgot they were in there! 

I find breakfast the more difficult meal to prepare in advance. Don't think we don't ever open a box of cereal or prepackaged oatmeal because we defintely do. Time seems so limited in the mornings and standing at the stove is the last thing I have time for, unless it's the weekend. I mentioned before about some breakfast muffins I made over the weekend I wanted to share, although unfortunately, this recipe made a dozen which due to the size of them isn't quite enough to freeze part of them. I also made some granola muffins at the same time I made these for Sloan to have for breakfast or snack; of course, he eats about half of one and then doesn't want the rest...wasteful kid. 

From time to time I will buy chorizo at the store, mainly to use in a breakfast type dish. I had bought some a while back, and I didn't have a pie crust to use so I thought I would hunt up a muffin recipe to try. The recipe I found is a Paleo recipe, but I changed a few things about it. I did not use coconut oil in my recipe, and I only used six eggs; I don't like my muffins too eggy! 

These were delicious fresh out of the oven, and even reheated they make quite a tasty breakfast! It was like a mini quiche, portable style! 

 Holly is a Wife, Mother, and Business Manager.

Holly is a Wife, Mother, and Business Manager.