Science week is here! Do you research or trust?

Have you all decided to make some better lunches this week? I know that is on the to-do list for us. Jon takes his lunch every day, which is a huge money saver. Since we are home most days, its a good change for us too. I have a list of plant based foods to get this week at Aldi's so I can make some healthier lunches and supper for that matter.

We have been watching too many documentaries and reading lately. If you have never watched Forks Over Knives, I highly recommend it. Emily has read a book called The China Study, and it goes along with the documentary, and so far I am overwhelmed with information. It is not one I would have gone out and bought but knowing the information I know now from Emily; it has intrigued me to read it.

What we know from our pediatricians is not all it is cracked up to be these days.

Holly is due real soon with her second baby and I know she has many changes she's making for this new baby as well as weaning Sloan off certain things to better his health. If only we could change the minds of everyone we know. I know now why so many people are "bible pushers" with health information. We are so completely uneducated in the nutrition department of life. And even though we "listen to our doctors", many of them don't know the nutrition part of it. Do your own research, and learn. Change the lives of your family, our generation as well as the next count on us. 

Do you rely and trust your doctors? What would happen if you did your own research? 


This week is a busy week for us, but it also starts week 2 of Summer Camp as well. So I decided on "Science Week". It is a short one and I only have 1 print out for it. However, it has 5 experiments to do on there. Some will take a few days and some only a few minutes. We will only have time for 2 days this week and even then, one of those days will be half of a day. So you could totally do one experiment each night. 

If you have baking soda and vinegar, you have plenty of experiments hidden right under you! 

Have fun and enjoy being a nerd this week! Dawson is excited to start fizzing away! 


Fizz, Pop experiment

This has MANY experiments on it, including the Grow a Bean one

Grow a Bean

Tornado in a Jar

This one has TONS of experiments on it too and the Balloon one

Blow a Balloon Up

Egg in Vinegar

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