Another week has come and gone that I did not have convenient breakfast options for the week. I almost feel like a failure when I don't have something I can pull out of the fridge and stick in the microwave for a second to eat for breakfast. Whether I have time to sit down and eat or if I'm taking it with me, the mornings go smoother when I have that grab and go option; wouldn't you agree? 

I did, however, plan for lunches and again I would be lost without Pinterest or the Internet for that matter. 
I sent several Pins to my husband for lunch ideas, and he liked them all (Happy dance), so I had some work to do. So, thanks to some quart jars, the ever so popular whole chicken and a few other ingredients, I made some different yet simple lunches!

These salads in a jar were so delicious and just the right portion! I also saw some recipe ideas for burrito bowl which is a similar concept too. The same day I cooked and shredded a whole chicken, I went ahead and made these lunches, and I feel certain they would keep fresh all week in the fridge. 

These could very well be customized to whatever you want to put in or on them. I cooked enchiladas for supper, so I had salsa on my mind, and that's what I put in the bottom of the jars, as the dressing.

Enchiladas would also make a good lunch if you had some leftover...but we didn't. 

image_6483441 (2).JPG

 I think a vinegarette dressing would work well too, but anything else may be too thick to pour out when you emptied the jar.  I then added some corn and black beans, spinach, shredded chicken, cheese, avocado and sliced tomatoes. For some reason, I have several quart jars, so that is what I used, and this was PLENTY for lunch. If I had already cooked rice like I thought I would, that would be another good thing to add, and you could even leave out the veggies or the chicken. 

 I also made some chicken salad for sandwiches for the other days. I have yet to perfect a chicken salad recipe but it was still good.  The other thing I sent for Craig's lunch or as a snack was a bowl of some cut up fruit and a container of some raw veggies with ranch for dipping. He will eat raw cucumbers, carrots, and broccoli; Sloan will even eat raw carrots, and I will only eat broccoli. Maybe that will change. 

So, for anyone who doesn't eat a sandwich everyday or looking for something different. I would highly recommend the salad jars!!

Stay tuned, and I will share my delicious Chorizo breakfast muffins I made to have for those weekday mornings!