How do you feel about Succulents?

For the love it's Saturday! Thankfully, we have nothing planned today at all. Except for the usual housework and the fact my front flowerbed needs de-weeding if you will. Don't you hate digging weeds up out of the garden? It's almost like torture. I love the planting though; just the upkeep is horrendous. 

Right now though, the kid is still asleep, and I am watching Twilight, New Moon with coffee in hand. Actually, the coffee is sitting on the coffee table along with my already eaten muffins next to my beautiful succulents. 

Let me tell you a bit about my succulents. We were at our cousin's house and found them in there fire pit of all places. They had started to die, so she threw them in there. Well, of course, the 3 of us see money and potential. So we pull them out and well the rest is history. We all have beautiful succulents growing at home. Aren't they gorgeous?!

You know what? I am looking at small homes on Pinterest too. So you know our dad owns farm land. The more I keep thinking about how our country is going to words I can't say on here. The more I keep thinking about what we can do to save ourselves. So, that would be growing our food and becoming one with nature and living off of what he provided for us. Now, this isn't something that will change overnight, and lots of researching is to be done. But so far I think our dad has done a great first start by growing organic crops this season and getting away from the evils that lurk us. With that being said, I guess I better start here and get out and pull those big ole weeds up in the garden. After all, if I want to become Laura from Little House on the Prairie, I better get used to it. 

Would you ever decide to live off the land or better yet do you already? I would love to hear your thoughts and ambitions!

Summer Camp, Week 2 starts next week! Stay tuned! 

Ashleigh is a Wife, Mother, & Graphic Designer