She's not leaking yet

"Are you leaking yet," "Nope, not yet."

That seems to be the ongoing question these days. Well, I mean not just a general question you just ask someone. That would be rude. However, in our case, it seems to be a good one considering we are waiting any day for Holly to say, "it's time." Which means we rush to the hospital to see a human transform into this world.

Soon, hopefully soon. Just not super soon, because Dawson and I are at Emily's house for a few days so that he can attend a Cross Country/Track camp. So Holly needs to wait (if she can) until we are back home and Emily can get off of work. So preferably a weekend day would be fantastic. We know she's not in control of that, but we can always pray the Lord allows that to happen. 

Two super important people are having babies pretty soon. One, which is Holly and the other my best friend who happens to be having triplets. And people wonder why I get antsy or worried I shall say. It's overwhelming for myself to be waiting, much less the people having these kids. 

So, that's how the week is starting. Wondering if I will be getting a call or text about new babies coming in the world, drinking coffee, and getting ready to watch Dawson run. Sounds exciting right? It seems to be so far. At least it's a different change this week; something else is always so nice. 

Any new changes coming your way? 

Oh, and I got to see Emily leave out today in her cute new scrubs, going to her cute new super important registered dietician job too. She was precious. Makes me think what the heck am I doing with my life. Living, I am living. 

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