It's Snacktime Again!!!

Snack, snack, snack. It seems like that is all I do these days, and most days when we get Sloan from daycare, he wants to snack too. Along with most other times of the day. The other night he didn't touch what I had prepared for dinner, so his meal mostly consists of cashews, and wheat crackers...real nutritious huh. I guess what is even worse; I didn't care. For the most part, the kid eats a little bit of everything so from time to time when he doesn't want what I put in front of him; I don't sweat it. 

I have had my eye on a particular snack recipe for a while, but I haven't made them because the recipe called for cereal that I couldn't find. That is, without stepping into Wal-Mart, which I am not going to rush to that place over one thing. Low and behold, my most recent trip to Aldi surprised me with a similar cereal that I thought would work perfectly in this recipe. This recipe calls for only four ingredients, and you don't even have to bake them!! How easy is that!? This recipe comes from a great blog that is all about real food, and she has so many recipes too! 

You will see the cereal I bought is not the same kind the original recipe calls for, but it still gave it that crunch! I also think you could get by with using a little less peanut butter, although peanut butter is always a good thing! 



We love recipes from 100 Days of Real Food, especially these bars. 

Since we went camping last weekend and I took these bars with us, there is maybe one left. I will be making these again soon!

I also made another batch of the 5 ingredient granola bars from I used honey the first time I made these and they were just perfect. This time, I am low on honey so I used maple syrup instead and they are still great but it definitely gave them more of a stickier form. 

You can revisit that recipe here:
Muffins & Granola Bars

What snacks do you like to keep around to snack on?

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