It's starting....

"Your gonna have to understand that you are an only child. You have to learn to play by yourself. There are going to be days that momma has to work from home, as well as clean, do laundry. You will also not be playing on your iPad all summer, and you have to read some. This is not how our summer is starting out. "

This was my conversation yesterday with our seven year old. I haven't been home in about two weeks. I have been subbing, at my grandmothers and just busy as a bee. So my house looks like someone came in, ate all the food and left nothing but a mess. I haven't been to the grocery store in about two weeks. As in full-fledged shopping, so I guess it's green beans for supper, out of a can. I have a list of jobs to get done too, that I haven't began to start on. The dust is piling up, the floors are getting caked with dirt, and I need to get some sticky things to hang in the kitchen since we love having doors open, the gnats have decided to play with us. It sounds like I live in some nasty house. I promise I don't, but you know what? Life has settled in, and it is not leaving anytime soon. 

Before we got home yesterday, it was awards day at school. I am proud to say our sweet angel baby, got All "A" honor roll for the whole year, as well as the Citizenship award in his class. This was his second year to get that one! We are one proud momma and daddy here at home. I checked him out and took him to eat at Chick-fil-a, we bought new socks, and he wanted to spend some of his money. So he did that too. He really could use some new shoes, but for the love of money, they are expensive! So its back to the drawing board and trying to find some nice used ones too. 

I am working real hard and trying to make a "summer camp" if you will, at home for Dawson this summer. So far, I have my list. I need supplies, so I guess a trip to dollar tree is in store soon. I want him to continue learning, but yet to have fun. Summer may be the death of me, however, I know I can't get that time back with Dawson either. Cherish it they say. I see, I understand. Before I know it, I will be watching my baby walk across graduation like so many others are doing soon. 

Next week I turn 34, a sweet boy I used to keep is graduating from High School soon and will be 19 this year too. This makes me feel about 40 years old. But hey only six more years left for that age to grab hold of my butt and pull me down. For now, to control anxiety as it gets worse each year, I will drink coffee and take my ashwagandha religiously. Something has to give for life to slow down! 

Ashleigh is a Wife, Mother, and Graphic Designer.