Real-ish Food Away From Home

Does anyone else eat several meals a day? I have always been one to eat every meal and then some in between meals. My husband says it's the 'Sloan' in me, but I believe that is how we should eat. Since trying to cut out processed food, it does take some creative thinking at times to know what to pack when you are away from home. 

I do believe it is possible to eat real food on the go and away from home; it just requires some prepping and planning. Yes, it would be easier to grab a bag of chips and some dip or some candy bars, but what's the fun in that? The hard or soft coolers are perfect to take to the ball field or a picnic to keep your fresh fruit and veggies cold. Summer is just around the corner, and I like to have a cold treat in the freezer for when we come in from a hot day.

 I found a pretty tasty popsicle recipe that was extremely easy to make.

Orange Creamsicle Yogurt Pops

  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 2 cups whole milk vanilla yogurt*
  • 1/3 cup maple syrup

*I used the vanilla yogurt I already had and didn't use the vanilla extract that the original recipe called for.

image_6483441 (1).JPG

Wisk all of these together, then add to your popsicle mold and place in the freezer. These taste similar to the Orange Flintstone Push-pops we had growing up, but without all of the unnecessary ingredients in them. These would be great on a hot summer day or when you need a sweet treat.

I love this recipe from

This blog is a great resource for me when I am looking for a cleaner recipe of something that I want to make.

In my opinion, vegetables taste better dipped in something. The blog I mentioned above, has a recipe for a Ranch flavored dip that sounds like it would be great with some carrots and broccoli. Another favorite of ours is hummus. Peppers cut into strips are another fresh veggie snack that I discovered recently.

I purchased these Tupperware containers that are just right to take on the go for myself or especially for Sloan. I am sure they wouldn't be great to put something in that may spill, but I can always use another container for that. Obviously, the veggie straws and pretzel thins are not homemade, but they are healthier versions of store-bought snacks in my opinion.  


Do you have any grab and go homemade treats that you like to make? Stay tuned for a granola bar recipe and lemon blueberry muffin recipe! 

Holly is a Wife, Mother, & Business Manager.