Family Time

If I close my eyes real hard I can remember exactly where everything is in the house we visited as younger kids. The house our grandparents lived in. They had an in-ground pool, and the vacuum for it was called "Polly." The rocks around the pool always hurt my feet and were so hot you could hardly stand to walk on it. Our pawpaw built us a tire swing and would swing us on it endlessly. They had mopeds that we would ride along with the lawn mower so that we could play "cars." We thought we were something special when we got to play "office" in their real office that they ran their business out of. I can remember having an endless supply of the popsicles that you had to cut the top off and keep pushing up as you ate it. We had Mama rosa's pizza and sweet tea and Pepsi. We watched tv when we came in from the swimming pool, and it was cold in the house, yet refreshing. I can remember the smell of the bathroom it smelled like white rain hairspray with a hint of cigarette smoke (they smoked an awful lot). 

Memories. I remember lots of them when I was younger.  

Will our children look back and remember certain memories such as those? 

As a parent we often find ourselves waking up, getting ready, making lunches, get kids ready, eat breakfast, out the door, off to school, off to work. Then, we are off from work, get kids from school, come home, start chores, do homework, start supper, time for baths, then bed. But when do we make those memories that will last a lifetime with our family? 

Time. Time is such a crucial word in life. While most of us think that there is never enough time to do what we want, there are those times we can not get back. 

I am largely guilty of getting into a routine and wanting to get certain things out of the way at home. So when we come home from school, that's what I do at times. I start second shift if you will. 

Dawson is immensely fond of "Family Time." He often asks for it on Friday nights. If we know our weekend is a little off routine, he will ask for it a different night. Our family nights are not extravagant, but they mean the world to him to be able to just spend quality time with us. I couldn't tell you at all when we did that growing up without parents. In fact, I am certain we never did that with our parents. I guess when you grow up with two sisters you are expected to entertain amongst each other. 

However, I am grateful Dawson wants to have Family Time with us. We don't allow him to sit and play video games or on his iPad like some parents do. In fact, when we come home from school most days, we go straight outside to play. Together

This weekend is a bit off schedule. I am heading to a baby shower out of town, and there is no telling what the boys will be doing at home this weekend. So we had family time a day early this week. I cooked supper, and we played BINGO! 

Fun times. Quality times. Memorable times. 

I sure hope Dawson remembers having Family Fun night each week, as I remember the times when I was a young one. 

Do you have a family fun night? What do you usually do?


Ashleigh is a Wife, Mother, & Graphic Designer.