Burgers and Ice Cream with Good Company

I'm going to share some 'real food' that my family and I indulged in over the weekend. Now, I do not have the exact recipes for half of what we ate, but know that all meals don't have to be complicated. Real food doesn't have to be intimidating, and it can also be very flavorful!! 
My favorite part, ice cream... yes... so FRESH!! That reminds me, I have some in my freezer, yum! 

My husband, son and I went to lunch to the home of the family that we purchase our weekly milk. Knowing we don't exactly eat the same way as they do, she and I had talked in advance to discuss our menu. 

My contribution to our meal was red potatoes, spinach, and hamburger buns (which is not real food, I know) for myself and my husband. I hadn't thought how we were going to have french fries out of red potatoes, but these were delicious, and I will be trying this way out soon! After halving the red potatoes, just cut into small strips and fry them in a skillet with COCONUT OIL!! Who knew?! I have not cooked with coconut oil too much but these were just so good, and they don't even need any seasoning at all!

You better believe we devoured the whole 3 pound bag of those red potatoes! 

The baked beans, were just that, baked beans but not from the can. These were beans that had been soaked for hours. She then used real ingredients to mix them together and heat in the oven. 

The burgers were organic ground beef and tasted delicious with only a little salt on them. Only I would come up with an odd number of patties with roughly four pounds of meat. Some homemade ketchup, mustard, and spinach made for the perfect burger. 

The spinach was just organic store bought spinach, but we had homemade honey mustard dressing to go along with it. After adding mustard, then honey, then tasting and doing it again - we got it just perfect! 

Now for the grand finale! I wasn't getting my hopes up for the ice cream because I knew we may or may not have it. After measuring what I believe was only a few ingredients, and popping it into this nifty ice cream maker, we had fresh ice cream in no time at all!! 
Another brilliant suggestion to go on the ice cream -- peanut butter!!! 

What are you cooking up this weekend? How about that time change that is about to happen!? Yay for longer days and less sleep!! HAHA!!  Spring is so close!!! 

Holly is a Wife, Mother, and Business Manager.