Curly or straight?

I often have to make a decision each night. 

1. Did I do much of anything today? 
2. Am I really that "dirty" enough to take a shower tonight? 
3. If I take a shower, do I wash my hair?
4. If I wash my hair do I leave it alone or go ahead and plan out how I am wearing it the next day? 
5. What is the weather supposed to be like today? 
6. Do I wear it curly today or straight?

I know some of you don't have this problem. In that case, Congratulations. To. You. (input sarcasm). 

Twice this week, I have woke up. Took a shower and decided, eh, I will just wear it curly today. Then after I did my curl "routine," I chose to wash it again and wear it straight. 

Laugh all you want, but it's a real struggle. 

I have people tell me, "If I had curly hair, I would always wear it curly." Well people that sound's like the PERFECT solution; when I have a great curl day that is. Or maybe when I am not feeling like a little kid. 

The truth is, I LOVE wearing my hair straight, why? Because it makes me feel like I can control situations, such as my hair. But then I have days where I LOVE wearing my hair curly; it's natural state. 

My hair routine consist of:

  • Washing;Conditioner (my husband complained about having too many bottles of this...HA!)
  • Wrapping in a pillow case or t-shirt (TRUE STORY), it helps with the frizz! 
  • Combing with my fingers or a WIDE tooth comb. DO NOT BRUSH CURLY HAIR. (I once played softball when I was younger. No one ever showed me how to "fix" my hair. I would brush it, with a real brush, then put a helmet on for games or practice). Bless me.
  • Friends don't let friends brush curly hair. 
  • I then apply a SMALL amount of coconut oil/milk serum to my ENDS, and add my product/s through my strands. Then I Scrunch, using the pillow case or t-shirt. Works perfect. 
  • I air dry, then use a diffuser with my dryer. I always try and air dry mostly. 

So what do I use on my hair when I do wear it curly? I have a couple of products I love. However, I use Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls & Miss Jessie's Jelly Soft Curls the most. This product is probably my most favorite curl product I have used over the course of MANY products. My search for that perfect shampoo/conditioner set is always ongoing. Although, I do like the OGX brand.


*This is NOT a paid advertisement, I am just sharing my favorite products with you all.*

So what do I say? Wear it natural, embrace your curliness. The Lord provided you with those quarks of love on your head to tell others a story. Sometimes those curls are telling all different stories, depending on the weather that day. I don't always love my curly hair, and that's ok.  But sometimes it's great to get back to the roots if you will and just be yourself. 

What are your favorite curl products? Curly or Straight? If you have curly hair, do you embrace it? 

Ashleigh is a Wife, Mother, &  Graphic Designer.