Fun facts with sister #1

I feel like we are so far away, yet so close to some of our readers. Or at least I hope we have readers. Most of you have heard from Holly and me often enough that you get what we are like, but you may not actually "know" us. Emily, on the other hand, has a kind of busy life, so it is a little harder for her to contribute at times.

I thought though for the next 3 Saturday's when we post it would be about each of us. Not this huge long paragraph (because we can get windy). But just some facts or interesting things about us. We are an odd trio, all three of us different in our own way. 

A tad bit of information from/about Ashleigh.

Sister #1

  1. Naturally, curly hair can be a blessing and a curse at the same time.  
  2. I LOVE Pentatonix. You have probably read about that by now, though. 
  3. Mac Computers are where the nerds are at. That's me. 
  4. Hence, I do Graphic Design. Love the color orange. 
  5. I used to run. Used to, is the key word. Now, I just talk about the past. 
  6. Having one son is a huge blessing, Bc I can't handle girls. 
  7. The Lord made my husband for me, that is for sure, not anyone can put up with me. 
  8. Loud, opinionated, facetious, blunt. 
  9. Love cleaning, do not do organization. 
  10. Live in the country, wouldn't want it any other way. I DO NOT want to look out my front door and see my neighbor. 
  11. Coffee love/hate relationship. Mostly, love. 
  12. Animals are cute, but slobber and hair make me have anxiety and gross me out. 
  13. I almost went to culinary school. Cooking is a huge passion of mine. 
  14. Cutting hair is fun, went through a semester of Cosmetology schooling. 
  15. We camp. In a camper. It is my second home. No thank you to hotels. Or tents. 
  16. Office Supplies are necessary. My son asked for an electric pencil sharpener for Christmas. He is my kid. 
  17. My son has my mouth, that is mostly bad. 
  18. My husband does anything for me, including giving me a foot massage, nightly. 
  19. I only want one kid. I only have one kid. 
  20. Ranch dressing, yes, only homemade. 
  21. I love going to Auburn, AL. I did not graduate from College there. I only like AU and not Bama, because I like the colors better from AU. Again, I love orange. 
  22. Faulkner State CC, I have a degree in Computer Graphics/Commercial Art. (I think that is what its called). 
  23. Grace & Giggles Design is my business (I usually just go by Ashleigh Sloan Adams Design). 
  24. Yes to Joanna & Chip Gaines. 
  25. I've been in business for 10 years. 
  26. I love the Parent Trap movie (Haley Mills style). 
  27. I could listen to classical/piano/guitar music all day. 
  28. Dancing- NO. Going to see professional Ballerina's-YES
  29. READING-YES. I love getting wrapped in a book and letting it take you to another world. 
  30. I may seem tough and stand up for those who won't. I break easily. 

Next Saturday, we welcome Emily and her fun facts! 

Ashleigh is a Wife, Mother, & Graphic Designer.