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Yesterday, Dawson and I were headed home from school. He said, "I need to do my chores when I get home." I told him yes and I that I had some chores to do too. He then proceeded to tell me, "You don't have chores to do." Of course I snapped back and said, "Dude, who does the cooking, cleaning, washing your clothes, the dishes...." You know that list goes on. He shut up after that. 

When I made it, I left it blank. That way I could share with others, and they could fill in what they needed. 

On our chore chart we have these listed:

  • make the bed
  • pick clothes & shoes up
  • clean bathroom
  • unpack lunchbox
  • empty backpack
  • do homework
  • read a book
  • keep desk clean 

Now, of course, the great thing about having a blank one is I can change anything on it. I have also put minutes beside each chore so he can earn minutes for being on his iPad. So it may look like this:

  • make the bed (2 min.)
  • clean bathroom (5 min.)
  • do homework (5 min.)

To be honest, I change those minutes each week depending on how well he did the week before. 

So those add up each day if he does them and marks them off. Each day he gets 30 min. of free play if you will on his iPad. He usually does that in the morning while he is eating breakfast. After school, we go outside and play until it gets too dark or too cool. That is when he earns his minutes for night time after we have come in from outside. So overall he gets 1 hour a day to be on it. But he can't do that until he has earned his minutes. If he doesn't do some chores or if they just don't need to be done, he doesn't get those minutes. Sorry dude. 

On Wednesday's we have a what I call "free time" on the iPad. That is usually because once we get home, we have to get homework done before heading to church. We don't get home from church until later so he still has to get cleaned up. At that time I often let him just play on his iPad until bedtime. 

This whole chart has been working wonderfully! He makes his bed every morning now, without me saying a word!!!! How about a huge pat on the shoulder. Please and thank you. 

 It's not perfect, but he is only 7 and I can't be picky if he is going to make it. I am impressed!

It's not perfect, but he is only 7 and I can't be picky if he is going to make it. I am impressed!

He also likes to start straight on his chores once we get home, but I often tell him to wait and let's play for a bit. I mean he did just get home from school, so that is not very fair. 

You can see at the bottom of the chart I have a Special Tasks section. That is saved for sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping. If Dawson wants to earn some money, I keep those chores for that. 

You can print your very own chart as well. Make it as you want it. I feel this is an excellent way to start them young on certain responsibilities. We want them to be young and stay kids, but we also want them to grow up and know a few things we taught them. 

Printable Chore Chart

What tasks or duties do your children have to do? What ages are your kids?