Meal Prepping Progress

I found myself being quite the productive mama in the kitchen yesterday. It's easy to Pin new recipes that you want to try; it's harder to make the time to get in the kitchen. I have learned mornings are just busy. I get up and get myself ready and then, of course, get my son ready and find something to eat. He doesn't always finish his breakfast before we leave the house, so I've started serving him something a little more portable, and also in a Tupperware that I can pop the lid on and take with us. 

That brings me to portable breakfasts.

That knocks out cereal for the most part, which isn't something we eat on a regular basis anyways. I don't mind serving a bowl of oatmeal and what he doesn't finish, cover and put back in the fridge for the next day. It's obviously not a portable breakfast, though. I had a breakfast cookie recipe I had Pinned and wanted to try which would make a perfect portable breakfast also!! These were so easy to make, and it makes 12 large cookies, awesome!! I kept half out on the counter for the week and put the rest in the freezer (two thumbs up). These have mashed bananas in them, honey and peanut butter, so they almost taste like a real dessert cookie, but also with the oats and blueberries.

That's what I served to Sloan for breakfast along with some grapes, but no, he had to go back and get the whole container of them like he was going to devour them all…. *sigh* toddlers. 

My next meal prep was also breakfast, but this one is for my husband and I. Again, another recipe I had come across that I thought would be smart; I just had to make the time to do it.  These are breakfast sandwiches made with English muffins. I cooked eggs and bacon and placed them on the muffin along with a half slice of cheese (because a whole slice would deplete my cheese supply). Now, the tricky part of this was how I was going to cook the eggs, in a more scrambled way and also in a circle?! The recipe I had originally seen was for 12 breakfast sandwiches, and I was only making 6. What's a girl to do?! This is too much thinking for my poor pregnant brain. Cooking the eggs in muffin tins seemed like the simplest way to do this, plus I could be frying the bacon while they are in the oven. Well, they cooked alright they got enormous and puffy and were smaller than the size of the English muffin. 

My recipes can't always turn out how they do for everyone else right? Trial and error I tell myself, trial and error. So next time, I will cook them on the stovetop, scramble style and use a biscuit or cookie cutter to achieve the flatter circular shape I intended to do. 

Meal planning and prepping do take time, that's a given. By having breakfasts ready to grab and go, snacks bagged and already knowing what's for dinner – it sure does simplify life especially on your busiest days. I still have a whole chicken in my fridge – I didn't get that far. 
What do you find easiest to prep for the week? Are you intentional about planning your meals? Just remember baby steps! 

You can find the recipe for the breakfast cookies HERE