Why does it always have to be healthy?

I took a picture of what I was making this weekend and sent them to my sisters, knowing they would love some. Holly replied back "Those don't look too healthy," Emily said "yummy." That brings me to why does everything always have to be healthy? 

Now, of course, I am by no means a poster picture of a health ad. In fact, I eat horribly compared to my skinny sisters. But, you know what? It's ok. I often compare myself to others who are smaller than me. Constantly thinking, what do they think about me and what I eat. Not this weekend. I had fun. We cleaned a whole lot and got rid of TONS! The sad part is, we have LOTS more to go in the house. I am kicking spring cleaning in full force and super early. 

As soon as Holly said, "Those don't look too healthy," I said, "It has peanut butter inside it, they are basically protein snacks." 

Who doesn't love peanut butter and crackers? Now dip them in chocolate and let it dry. OM acca G, so tasty. Have a great pot of coffee brewing, and you might as well call it book club. 

Let us start with some round crackers that look like these in the picture. I am not entirely sure I should say exactly what they are called. But I mean, surely you know right?!

Add some peanut butter in the middle of them and set them aside, until you feel you have enough "sandwiches" made. 

At this time you are going to melt your milk chocolate and white chocolate bark. I did not take a picture of the milk chocolate kind because it was some leftover I had, and well, it didn't look so beautiful. I like to melt these about 45 seconds at a time. Stir and then melt some more. So that it doesn't start to burn. 

After your chocolate is melted, add a sandwich to it, make sure it is coated and dip out with a fork to let dry on wax paper. They should look something like this. 

When you start getting low on your chocolate, instead of dipping, just drizzle. 

Give them about 30 minutes to dry, and you can thoroughly enjoy. I may or may not have tried one before it was hardened. It may or may not have been the most delicious thing too. Happy "healthy" snacking!