Coffee, it is a curse and a blessing at the same time. Along with many other things in life too. It's an excitement and a letdown. While making our coffee we seem to exhale the aroma of the ground beans, our mouths watering while we scoop and pour our water in, then comes the enticing smell of brewed coffee. The air is filled with happiness, and all is right in the world. 

Then comes the first pour, I am not sure how you all drink your coffee, but I need some stevia along with some creamer in mine. It is more of a little coffee with your creamer sort of thing. I know I should back off on it, but, man o man it tastes divine! 

You know I used to have a K-cup, coffee maker. It wasn't a Keurig but a nice Hamilton Beach one that did the job. I have since put that away and have gone back to a regular coffee pot. There is nothing better than the smell of good coffee brewing in a cup. Yes, it takes some extra steps, and it may take a bit more time to do so, but it is worth it. Usually, though I can't figure out my measurements, coffee to water ratio. It's all about that perfect blend, not too loud, not too weak. So typically I make a big pot and have leftovers. I can have more that afternoon if I warm it up, or I can throw it out. Yesterday I was craving an iced coffee. It was late afternoon, and I knew if I had some then I would be up all night. Since today was the first day of school for the kid and I had plans to get up and make sausage balls and made sure he was up and ready I thought it would be the perfect day for an iced coffee. Usually, I would go to our local place in town and grab one. "FlipSide" (btw, if your ever in town grab one, it's fantastic and the food is sensational as well). So I poured my leftover coffee into small mason jars, topped them off with a lid and stashed them in the fridge. 



This morning after making sausage balls, I poured my cold coffee in a to-go cup. I added my stevia, caramel macchiato creamer and topped it off with some whip cream. Presto! My homemade iced "gourmet" coffee drink. Now, of course, I don't have a picture of it that is decent, bc it doesn't look fancy, but it had an excellent taste! 

How do you take your coffee? Do you pour your leftover coffee out or save it for something later?!