Camping, it does a body good

You're probably expecting to read a post about what an incredible camping trip we had. Yeah, not so much. Not yet. I wish I had an excellent story or experience to share with you all. It's just that we haven't been camping this summer. 

You know most people take their vacations and go exploring, take many and different trips. They might even grab the ole camping gear out and trek it that way. I know many people who do that, including sister #3 and her husband. We went camping in a tent growing up from time to time. Now, we weren't explorers by any means, but we did have some trips that involved camping and rafting down a river many times. When I got married to the husband, that's what we would do, go camping. Pack the coolers, pop the tents up and get the chairs out, it was quite beautiful and relaxing. Now being older it is not as comfortable. Not that a great camping trip doesn't sound enticing. If the weather was right, and I had a nice cushioned bed to put in the tent, I might even consider it. I can go about three days (maybe more) without a shower, and I know how to "pop a squat" too. At least you learn how to "pop squats" when your dad sends you to the hay field with your sister to cut and bale hay, and that's all you can do when the urge hits you. I may or may not do that at home when I am outside cutting grass myself. It's just one of those things you never know. 

So yea, we don't camp in tents anymore, we have a nice plush camper. OK, well, I wouldn't call it luxurious, but yeah actually its pretty nice and cozy. It is our mini home that we can take anywhere. We went to the lake this summer, without our camper, and had to take two vehicles! Crazy huh? I am used to packing the camper and fitting it all in there and not my cars anymore. So yeah we took two cars because I couldn't fit it all in one, and not to mention I pack for an army, and there is only 3 of us. 

We went camping at the end of May to Gulf Shores. If you are camping (in a camper), you need to check out Sugar Sands RV Resort in Gulf Shores, AL. We have been twice so far and loved it. It's clean; the people are friendly and its quiet too. Not around the hoopla of the Gulf Shores, but just close enough if you want to go to it. You do have to drive to the beach, but that's ok with us. I don't want any sand near my camper! You can check them out at

That's it, and that's all the camping we have done this summer. So Sad isn't it. No, just kidding, I just remembered we took the camper across to the next county from us and camped. That was fun, not too far and around family too. However, that was it. So needless to say we are ready for a good camping trip. Our excuses:

  • It's too hot
  • Husband is on call
  • We have a birthday party this weekend
  • It's too hot
  • The grass needs cutting
  • It's too hot
  • It's too hot

When you live in the south, it gets hot during the summer. I don't mean hot like coffee pot hot; it's more like hot as in steamy shower living in Hades hot. Plus it's August right now, so who in their right mind is going to go camping. I said "right mind," because there are people who do camp in the hot. I am ready for a good camping trip when the weather is cooler! In a valley somewhere close to the mountains, where you have to wear a sweatshirt at night time, and you can drink coffee outside and not get hot. In due time my friends, in due time. We have one coming up in October, and it can not get here soon enough! This time, sisters #2, and #3 are coming with their families. Hopefully, we can get the dad to come too. So in the meantime, check out some pictures of our camper and notice we don't sleep on the hard ground we are very thankful to be blessed with this. 

Happy Camping! 

These are some older pictures from this year towards the early part. We have since got rid of our Tahoe and purchased a F350 to haul. I also take and use oils along with my diffuser, but that is another post in itself!