A little too excited....

Is it me or has summer took FOREVER to be over?! I am ready for A ROUTINE! 

Well, I know it hasn't been that long since it started according to the  "seasons."  For me, though, it has taken forever. I feel that I had way too many projects to get done, "teaching" to do with the boy, you know keeping him up to par with school work. I also, had many plans for Bible teaching, exploring to do and well, I let it slip by me. Those were all "good intentions".

You see I have been waiting for summer to come to an end, not because I hate it, or that I don't want to be with my child much. Although of course he's ready for it to continue on and says he is not going the first day of school. Ha, yeah we will see about that. I am ready for that routine to begin, for cooler weather to get here and camping weather is near as well. As a parent, we have different views than our kids and I have very different plans for this fall/school year that should benefit the family as a whole! 

The past couple of years I have been teaching at a preschool. The kids are too stinking sweet, watching them walk in with their chubby little legs and the infectious laugh they have, however, It was time for me to move on. So, as I stepped back down on the sub list, I have excellent intentions this fall! Now just because I have these wonderful plans really doesn't mean I will go through with them, but there is always a maybe. 

Amping up design jobs, keeping up with this blog and adding so much more to it as well are a few on my list. I am also planning on giving my house some TLC. I only have one kid and a husband. I feed them when needed and wash their clothes and TRY and keep a smoothly running house. I have yet to figure out how other moms and dads do this with more than one child. It nearly seems impossible honestly. Although, I know there are many super moms out there who just have it together more than I do. 

Organization is something I MUST accomplish. That means keeping my closets cleaned, my cabinets organized (that way your not knocked out when you open them) as well as learning to meal plan and basically redo every room in my house. I mean it's possible right?! 

O and I plan on having a yard sale when it's not burning like Hades outside. So I have GOT to get "stuff" cleaned out soon. Did I mention we are planning a trip to Disney World closer to the holidays? So yeah, a lot on my plate, but again I am excited, I need a list. See I am already falling behind, the list is in my head, and I know I'll think that I have to do it all by myself. Stupid stubbornness. My husband is always telling me, "You don't have to do it all, just ask for help." HA! I laugh at the face of danger! (Lion King). 

School starts soon, like next week soon. The supplies are still in the bags, my list is still unchecked, my kid needs a haircut (that's tomorrow). BUT for now, my house is basically cleaned (where the eyes can see) and the boy earned $5 for doing his share around the house. Piano music is playing, I am designing, and the boy is taking a nap right now. O and we are having leftovers for supper, SCORE! 

So next summer before school is out another list, better intentions. 

What are your plans for this fall/school year when your kids have a routine again?

  We went walking yesterday, up and down the hill. Like father like son. Getting those weights in! 

We went walking yesterday, up and down the hill. Like father like son. Getting those weights in!