BABY; it's cold outside!

It's 5:26 AM to be exact and I just really want to fall back asleep. I mean why can't it be Saturday already?!  

We have some exciting news to share around here! If you haven't already been able to tell from Facebook, IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!! All the green and red should have given that away, or the people already venting about it.

I actually don't use Facebook but sisters #2 & #3 do. I think it's the devil and many other things that will need to be in a separate post. 

Like you didn't already know that Christmas is here. Seriously, though, we really do have some exciting news among the 3 of us, though. It happens to only about one of us, we call her sister #2.

Sister #2 has decided to take a brave step in life again. She has decided to take on that harsh role of throwing up, getting nauseous and battle cravings. I am not sure if she decided or God decided or her body decided. Either way, you get my drift, right?

We are proud to announce that sister #2 is expecting again in July of 2017! 

Honestly, when I first heard this I wasn't sure it was true, I thought it might be a joke. Then when I found out it wasn't, I became nervous. Anxiety set in. Only because I can't imagine going through all that baby stuff again. Having a 7-year-old now and then starting over. No, thank you. I mean seriously, it could be just me, but I hated getting up to feed my kid in the middle of the night. It actually pissed me off. Thankfully at 7 they can feed themselves and he sleeps through the night. If only I could get a hold of the attitude, then I would be in business. But who am I kidding he is my child. 

Sister #2 though, she's got this. She's a pro and can handle it. At least I hope she can. If not, there is always a corner to rock yourself in and just cry.  

Help us on congratulating sister #2 on inviting a new cub to be in her pack!