Chocolate + Granola= stupid good

So here I am way behind again. You know, I have great intentions for getting on a wonderful schedule to post more often or more like everyday. In due time. As usual I let life get in the way and before you know your house threw up clothes, dishes, christmas decorations and your preparing to decorate your kids door for school. Fun, busy, overwhelming, it's life.

Sometimes when us 3 sisters want to spend time together or just have an excuse to make good/bad food, we schedule a cooking/baking day. We did that a couple weeks ago and had a blast. We danced (just dance on the wii) we baked, ate and was entertained by the kids.

One of my recipes that I was going to make up was homemade Chocolate chip granola bars. We go through granola bars at our house like it is candy. I have made them before and it was time to do so again. These are great to make ahead, wrap in wax paper, tape and freeze or put in the fridge.  Well, they lasted I think 2-3 days. I did share some though. Don't they look super yummy?

Happy granola making! What are your favorite snacks to make at home?

Oh yeah hey, you can also purchase this recipe to print. 

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