Silly doctor, tree bark does help your skin...

I hope you all have had a great Thanksgiving and stuffed yourself silly! We still have two more to go! Although, I have had time to prepare for the sick season! Seriously, I have no clue if tree bark helps your skin, nor is this post about tree bark. 

Don't you hate it when you have to take yourself or your kids to the doctor? You have to sit in a room full of sick people and hope you don't risk catching something else. Not to mention the co-pay and then the medication if they are prescribed some. 

I have never really thought much of anything about going to the doctor or even taking prescribed medications or OTC medications.  The older I have gotten, the more aware I have become of other natural, safer alternatives for our bodies. I have also realized that we don't make decisions for ourselves when it comes to being sick; we let a doctor do that. I understand that is a huge controversy when it comes to vaccines, medications, essential oils and other alternatives to better our health. To each his own. 

It's not rocket science to know how to keep our bodies healthy. Eat right and exercise, get plenty of water. However, its way easier said than done. The story of my life is trying to be a healthier person. It just does not come naturally to me at all. 

With that said, you know what does come naturally to me? Essential oils, herbs, and supplements to use when someone is sick in my family. I choose that first before going further. I try and only go to the doctor when I feel like a sickness has gone too far. 

So thanks to sister #2 she had acquired some ingredients to make elderberry syrup. The elderberries will make you several batches as well. While you can purchase this online, it was super easy to make! This syrup is used for its antioxidants to help boost our immune system. Take a quick read about it HERE.  This is a new site and a new Dr. I am a huge fan of I found. We are not affiliated with him at all. 

The recipe I used came from We are not affiliated with this site at all. 

If I know that someone is coming down with something we are heavily sedated here! However, it is wonderful to take frequently as a preventer, which is something we do as well. 

What do you use at home that is an alternative to OTC or prescribed medications?