The Uncrafty

Uncrafty is a word, right? I Googled it, and it appeared, so it must be. Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest, admiring all the cute home decorations, seasonal foods and appetizers, and children’s crafts? Oh, and birthday parties. Just shoot me.  I just recently read a friend’s Facebook post about how Pinterest can make you feel like a complete failure as a mother. Isn’t that true to an extent? We really shouldn’t let ourselves get down because our child isn’t wearing the cool shoes or because we don’t look like we stepped out of a magazine when we go in public. There is enough pressure as it is, why add more than we have to?  Don’t get me wrong; I love Pinterest for inspiration, and that is where I find a lot of the meals I cook.

When it comes to crafts, let’s just say I hope I can brush up on my skills in that department by the time my son has school projects and things in the future. I have several things pinned under crafts, some things I’ve done, some I haven’t. Things usually don’t turn out the way I had envisioned when it comes to crafts. Like the times I’ve made a card of some sort with my son’s handprints –yeah they didn’t quite turn out as I had hoped.

Now when it comes to crafts, those in the form of personal care products are much more by style. Give me some sugar, olive oil, beeswax and plenty of other things, and I will whip up some body wash, body butter, and sugar scrub. Come to think of it; I suppose Christmas gifts are expected for my child’s teacher too. No fear, something homemade at its finest is most likely what she will be getting. Check out these super easy recipes below. I use the exfoliator on my face once or twice a week. The body wash is simple to make also, but it is more watery than your average body wash.  This website is a great source for simple natural living. 

Are you a crafter? What is your favorite and easiest craft?



The funny craft saying came from Craftaholics Anonymous