The touch the feel of cotton....

Today was the first day of the season that I have been in a cotton field. I didn't go to jump in the bin, or to ride in the Cotton Picker, but to cut some stalks. Now before anyone asks where a field is or where you can get some. You can't. Sorry. It's special and the dad farms so there you go, that's how I get mine. Anywho, I don't have any pictures, only because I didn't think to take any. It was pretty, like snow in Alabama, so just picture that. We did, however, stay back to ride some tractors and watch the dust take hold of our lungs while the fall breeze entangled us with its long octopus arms. 

Haven't these past few days just been the most wonderful days here in Alabama?! I mean come on, the weather has been perfect, we were able to see family and just hang out. The house is clean, the floors are mopped, the beds are made and I even have the bacon finished for BLT's for supper. I am pretty much super mom right now. If only I could stop blogging to design and actually get that out of the way. Eh, I have my artboard pulled up, so that counts for something.

So Fall is in the air and it's shining so bright too. The smells are in full bloom and I want nothing more but to put on a sweatshirt, with some coffee and a good book and sit outside in the early mornings. Sister's #2 & #3 are excited about pumpkin filling recipes. So maybe one of them will post something fancy on that soon. I for one, can't get into the whole pumpkin flavor, taste. It's just not me. I can probably figure out why, it's typical. It's typical for someone to drink a pumpkin spiced coffee or eat a pumpkin muffin, and well if you know me at all I am nothing but typical. So it's natural I don't like what everyone else does. 

Camping weather is in full swing now and I am so stinking excited to be headed out sooner than later on some camping excursions. So if you don't see nor hear from me on most weekends, I am sipping on some hot coffee in a sweatshirt watching the leaves play tag. I will definitely be posting pictures on those! In the meantime engulf the crisp morning, wrap up in the arms of the breeze and encounter the tide from the fall weather that shall soon overtake our souls. Also enjoy this free printable to take in the smells of the season! 

Happy Hugging!