Feed your soul

I've been pondering on how I can attach your brain to my blog post/s. 

If I wrote how I felt about everything, well that would be it. Most of the time that's how my mind and mouth work, but I am trying to win you all over right? So I guess I need to put a filter on, to an extent. I am loud, over opinionated and I don't think before I speak (usually). I tell it like it is, blunt. I can be selfish with my time, but most of all I AM REAL. I am Ashleigh, welcome to my world. It has been ten years since I said "I do," and seven years since I got mad that I had to get up in the middle of the night to feed my child. All is good and right in my world. 

It's Christmas time here already. At least that what is playing on my phone and of course, yes you guessed it, "Pentatonix." If you have never listened to them, I HIGHLY recommend you do that. Your gonna be sucked in by the "natural" voices that the Lord provided for them. It's astonishing to me how they can do it. It gives me chills every time I listen. It also gives me hope, hope that I can be successful in a business that everyone is competing in. I open my ears high and wide to hear each and every word they are singing. Each is unique, and each has their own "noise," the most beautiful noise. It also reminds me of just being a person in general. How we are all so unique and not one the same.  I am not an artist in the form of music by any means. The Lord provided my artistry in the shape of design. That doesn't just stop with graphic design, though. It goes into painting, photography, cooking, home decor, hair styling and most of the time "making my own up."  I have always been fascinated with the arts. In many different forms. I am not interested in the history of it, but the act of it; watching and listening. I will never forget going to the see "The Nutcracker" at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Ga. The time and effort they put into making the production, but the chills I received, were inspiring, they left marks, and to this day it is still one my favorite gifts I have ever received.

Designing from home has its challenges. You want to devote all your time to working and being successful, but you also want to be productive at home too. Laundry is always piling up; floors need to be cleaned, and the list can go on. That doesn't count after the kid gets out of school and you come back home. Nope, that is when the real fun starts. You want to be able to cover time with the son. You know, make sure he gets enough "one on one" and "attention." Not only does homework have to be done, but the kitchen is calling your name. The fact that your son keeps saying he's hungry is the hint to get up and start cooking. Of course, I could have started a meal plan and have one going. I didn't get over it. You ever notice that most people who are into the "arts" are different, whacky and jump from subject to subject. I feel like there is a cell in our brains that almost blocks or impairs us from being "normal." Anywho, after supper, is finished, you still have dishes, laundry and possibly more work to do. That mostly what happens to me. Thankfully, I have an incredible husband who not only helps out around the house, but he takes the son out so "mom" can get stuff done around the house. You would think I had time during the day to get it all done. Time flies people! You run out of it! 

In the end, I am still a child of God, a wife, a mother, a designer, a photographer, a blogger, a cook, etc... Having only one child does not make things easier. Staying at home is not a cup of tea like most predict it to be. It is a never ending job being a stay at home wife/mom/designer/cook/cleaner/babysitter. But if I didn't live this way or work this way, I wouldn't know what to do. 8-5 jobs and working for someone else does not suit my personality. I need to feed my soul, and this is how I feed it. I am a stay at home worker in many, many forms.  I love a clean house but have an unorganized way of doing so. Getting a break isn't always in the plans and while anxiety spikes at times, this is me, this is my life, this is who I am.

Hanging on to the chills you get, it's the beginning of a new season.

How do you feed your soul? 

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