Do you camp?

As most of you have figured out, we camp. We try and camp more often during the fall season. Usually, work and home life keep us from constantly going. However, we do go frequently. If you haven't seen, we have an RV. We have tent camped before, and while that sounds appealing, it is much more comfortable having an RV. While we by no means "rough" it, it suits us, and we love it. 

We LOVE to dream shop, you know to go and wish you had the campers you look at. The ones we look at and would like to have usually run between $60k-$80k. The reason we do not have them, apparently. However, it is super fun just to look and wish and picture yourselves in them. 

As of right now we have a 2015 Grey Wolf 29BH (bunkhouse). It has one super slide and is 34 ft long. Even though we only have one child, we have been able to invite sisters #2 & #3 and their families with us. The husband even takes it to the farm at times to camp and hunt. The one thing we do lack is storage. We would love to have a bigger RV, and have even looked into 5th wheels (but with a gooseneck instead). Isn't she a beauty? We enjoy going and doing and have been able to take more trips than we did before. We can afford to stay at places now. The best part for me is, the camper is packed! We get our food and clothes, and that's it. We have everything with us, it all stays in the camper. 


Usually, on a Friday night, you can find us watching youtube. We often search for a particular RV we have looked at or watching, an RV show. We just love looking at the different styles they offer, even the small ones. Although, you won't find me in a small one. I want to feel like I am at home. Right now though we are loving the newer Open Range Light Model. See which one I am talking about HERE! One can always dream right?! For now, that is what we do, enjoy the one we have now and dream about the future.  

Are you a happy camper? If so tell us what you have! 

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