Fat girls, hiking and a backpack...

It'll be fun they said, walking/hiking up the trail to see a gorgeous waterfall. As we get half way up, the kid says "It's really far up there, I don't think momma can make it." Thanks. One fat girl, her husband and the kid with the mouth (whom he gets from his momma). We made a few stops along the way up to catch our breath and to "take pictures," more so the breath. You're probably thinking, wow you hiked how many miles?! HA! It was probably like 1 mile total. Whatever, it might as well been five for my body. Sister #3 hiked it the day before with her husband and my son. They don't count though she's an RD and they run like 20 miles a day. So it was like one big step for them. Stupid healthy people.

She just passed her test so now she is a Licensed Registered Dietitian. So, she now has to write out a meal plan to make me skinny. Although, after walking up and down that trail, I should have lost like 20 pounds.

Thankfully, an older couple made it to the top, so that forced me to feel pretty good that we've done it without needing oxygen. The air was fresh, crisp and refreshing and the temperature was a good 5-8 degrees cooler. So we just sat and let the waterfall bathe us. How gorgeous is this, though? It reminded me of Edward and Bella on "Twilight," I was pretty sure they about joined us and sparkle. 

We figured it was time to head back to the camper for some lunch. After all, we did just hike and lost all of our food, so we needed to indulge in more. Right?! The husband says, "this will be much easier." Our toes are trying to come out of the front of our shoes in an attempt, to hold us back from rolling down the trail and knocking over every tree. I mean honestly, can't you imagine some big girl tripping over a tree root and going down. Not only would I have hit the son, but there is also no cell service. So, therefore, we could not have called for help, then if the husband tried to "run" for help, he would have fallen. Le'ts just be thankful we didn't screw ourselves. Again, it wasn't that "big" of a hike, but its always fun pretending is was. It makes us fluffy people feel good about doing something "for the good" to our bodies.  

I think I drank way more water this weekend. The refreshing taste of spring water beats any chlorinated water any day. The air was like having a full tank of oxygen on at all times. Not that we don't have clean air at home, this air was just more "pure." My hair curled better, and my skin felt more decent. 

Having no cell service usually, means a huge kick in the gut. While I love checking my phone way more than I should and surfing (people still say surf, right?) on Pinterest. It was a sweet relief not to have any. No cell service is a blessing at times. 

This weekend was much needed and much appreciated. If you have never visited Enota Mountain Retreat, I highly suggest it. Of course, you are either camping in an RV or a tent. The people there are somewhat friendly, definitely not overly friendly. They are a little odd and charge for every. Little. thing. But they are non-profit, and the area is breathtaking. This was our second time to camp at this quaint little place. It will not be the last. 

Happy Hiking!