Greetings, I'm Ashleigh! I live in Alabama with my husband and son. You can usually find my nerd self at my computer probably working on designs, listening to Pentatonix and drinking coffee. Coffee is better with mostly flavored creamer right? I love reading. I have a degree in computer graphics, and designing is such a passion of mine. You can find me doing photography at times when my mind is in the "mood." I am always up for being in the kitchen trying out new recipes or just making up my own. I almost went to culinary school. Instead, i changed my mind for graphic design, they both go hand in hand don't you think? I still have dreams of culinary school, and having a huge kitchen with state of the art appliances and cookware. of course I need that filled with the best of the best ingredients. Maybe one day. I am over opinionated, loud and blunt. Be honest with me, and we can be great friends. I am not organized at all. in fact, i can be very scatterbrained, and I jump from subject to subject when talking. I wear clothes that don't match, and I don't care. I love t-shirts and hate dressing up.

My husband is my heart, and the only one who can make my dimples grow deeper. Our son is "the love of my heart, " and while he is very much a boy, he is sweet, kind, and extremely lovable. 

Follow me as I journey along to different designs in all aspects of life, my love for food and just life in general.

let's talk! 

things i love:

cooking, Fixer Upper, coffee, Pentatonix, Mac computers, Adobe Illustrator, t-shirts, tennis shoes


Hi there!! I am Holly, and I also live in Alabama with my husband and son. I don’t have near the passion or eye for art/design like Ashleigh does, BUT  I do like to exercise (mostly running) cooking, being outside, gardening, crafting (at least trying) and I’m striving to meal plan. 
I have a degree in Business Management, and I work for the family business. We do underground utility work, and we farm. I have become passionate about health and wellness, and how we can use other remedies and supplements to improve our health. Ditching toxins and chemicals from our home and eating cleaner are all a process but a lifestyle I am working towards. 
My husband is my high school sweetheart and my best friend. We’re different but the same.
We have a two-year-old son and one on the way and we are just getting deep into this parenting thing; we couldn’t love it any more than we do!! 


And I am Emily! 

My journey in life consists of my career as a registered dietitian, running, eating, and random adventures with my husband. 

I started my running journey primarily in college. Since then I have run multiple 5k races, four half marathons, and one marathon. In high school and college, my sister (Holly) and I enjoyed many of our runs together. Now that I live in Georgia, I share the majority of my runs with my best friend and husband of two years (October 2014). Running is a way for me to escape- mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The sense of peace it brings allows me to connect with God and nature. It gives me a feeling of staying in tune with my body emotionally and physically. 

I also love to eat. And that is one reason for my love of running. My love for food and nutrition started in college as I pursued my degree in Nutrition/Dietetics at Auburn University. I am now a Registered Dietitian and have a career/passion for health and nutrition within the public health sector. My days can be demanding, but worth the reward of witnessing life changing nutrition habits of those within the community. 
I believe in enjoying my food, but I also believe in Real, Whole Food. I believe in respecting my body, soul, and mind by staying aware of how my body responds to food  

Just a few other random things I love- my husband, reading, coffee, cooking and baking, nutrition and health, gardening, exercise, hiking, outdoor adventures, and just about any friendly and furry creature. 

You will enjoy posts from me about running, recipes and nutrition, and maybe a few random adventures here and there. As a registered dietitian, I would love to help and advise with any questions or inquiries about your health and nutrition.