Back in the Kitchen

Doesn't it just stink that it takes so much time in the kitchen to cook and prepare food, then it seems like in no time it's gone?! I certainly feel that way, but we all have to eat, and unless we buy boxed or prepackaged things, homemade things do require time. One good thing is if you make a big enough batch of something, you have extra to put in the freezer for another time. I found some granola bars in the freezer the other day while I was cleaning it out and got excited because I forgot they were in there! 

I find breakfast the more difficult meal to prepare in advance. Don't think we don't ever open a box of cereal or prepackaged oatmeal because we defintely do. Time seems so limited in the mornings and standing at the stove is the last thing I have time for, unless it's the weekend. I mentioned before about some breakfast muffins I made over the weekend I wanted to share, although unfortunately, this recipe made a dozen which due to the size of them isn't quite enough to freeze part of them. I also made some granola muffins at the same time I made these for Sloan to have for breakfast or snack; of course, he eats about half of one and then doesn't want the rest...wasteful kid. 

From time to time I will buy chorizo at the store, mainly to use in a breakfast type dish. I had bought some a while back, and I didn't have a pie crust to use so I thought I would hunt up a muffin recipe to try. The recipe I found is a Paleo recipe, but I changed a few things about it. I did not use coconut oil in my recipe, and I only used six eggs; I don't like my muffins too eggy! 

These were delicious fresh out of the oven, and even reheated they make quite a tasty breakfast! It was like a mini quiche, portable style! 

 Holly is a Wife, Mother, and Business Manager.

Holly is a Wife, Mother, and Business Manager.

Science week is here! Do you research or trust?

Have you all decided to make some better lunches this week? I know that is on the to-do list for us. Jon takes his lunch every day, which is a huge money saver. Since we are home most days, its a good change for us too. I have a list of plant based foods to get this week at Aldi's so I can make some healthier lunches and supper for that matter.

We have been watching too many documentaries and reading lately. If you have never watched Forks Over Knives, I highly recommend it. Emily has read a book called The China Study, and it goes along with the documentary, and so far I am overwhelmed with information. It is not one I would have gone out and bought but knowing the information I know now from Emily; it has intrigued me to read it.

What we know from our pediatricians is not all it is cracked up to be these days.

Holly is due real soon with her second baby and I know she has many changes she's making for this new baby as well as weaning Sloan off certain things to better his health. If only we could change the minds of everyone we know. I know now why so many people are "bible pushers" with health information. We are so completely uneducated in the nutrition department of life. And even though we "listen to our doctors", many of them don't know the nutrition part of it. Do your own research, and learn. Change the lives of your family, our generation as well as the next count on us. 

Do you rely and trust your doctors? What would happen if you did your own research? 


This week is a busy week for us, but it also starts week 2 of Summer Camp as well. So I decided on "Science Week". It is a short one and I only have 1 print out for it. However, it has 5 experiments to do on there. Some will take a few days and some only a few minutes. We will only have time for 2 days this week and even then, one of those days will be half of a day. So you could totally do one experiment each night. 

If you have baking soda and vinegar, you have plenty of experiments hidden right under you! 

Have fun and enjoy being a nerd this week! Dawson is excited to start fizzing away! 


Fizz, Pop experiment

This has MANY experiments on it, including the Grow a Bean one

Grow a Bean

Tornado in a Jar

This one has TONS of experiments on it too and the Balloon one

Blow a Balloon Up

Egg in Vinegar

Ashleigh is a Wife, Mother, & Graphic Designer


Another week has come and gone that I did not have convenient breakfast options for the week. I almost feel like a failure when I don't have something I can pull out of the fridge and stick in the microwave for a second to eat for breakfast. Whether I have time to sit down and eat or if I'm taking it with me, the mornings go smoother when I have that grab and go option; wouldn't you agree? 

I did, however, plan for lunches and again I would be lost without Pinterest or the Internet for that matter. 
I sent several Pins to my husband for lunch ideas, and he liked them all (Happy dance), so I had some work to do. So, thanks to some quart jars, the ever so popular whole chicken and a few other ingredients, I made some different yet simple lunches!

These salads in a jar were so delicious and just the right portion! I also saw some recipe ideas for burrito bowl which is a similar concept too. The same day I cooked and shredded a whole chicken, I went ahead and made these lunches, and I feel certain they would keep fresh all week in the fridge. 

These could very well be customized to whatever you want to put in or on them. I cooked enchiladas for supper, so I had salsa on my mind, and that's what I put in the bottom of the jars, as the dressing.

Enchiladas would also make a good lunch if you had some leftover...but we didn't. 

image_6483441 (2).JPG

 I think a vinegarette dressing would work well too, but anything else may be too thick to pour out when you emptied the jar.  I then added some corn and black beans, spinach, shredded chicken, cheese, avocado and sliced tomatoes. For some reason, I have several quart jars, so that is what I used, and this was PLENTY for lunch. If I had already cooked rice like I thought I would, that would be another good thing to add, and you could even leave out the veggies or the chicken. 

 I also made some chicken salad for sandwiches for the other days. I have yet to perfect a chicken salad recipe but it was still good.  The other thing I sent for Craig's lunch or as a snack was a bowl of some cut up fruit and a container of some raw veggies with ranch for dipping. He will eat raw cucumbers, carrots, and broccoli; Sloan will even eat raw carrots, and I will only eat broccoli. Maybe that will change. 

So, for anyone who doesn't eat a sandwich everyday or looking for something different. I would highly recommend the salad jars!!

Stay tuned, and I will share my delicious Chorizo breakfast muffins I made to have for those weekday mornings! 

How do you feel about Succulents?

For the love it's Saturday! Thankfully, we have nothing planned today at all. Except for the usual housework and the fact my front flowerbed needs de-weeding if you will. Don't you hate digging weeds up out of the garden? It's almost like torture. I love the planting though; just the upkeep is horrendous. 

Right now though, the kid is still asleep, and I am watching Twilight, New Moon with coffee in hand. Actually, the coffee is sitting on the coffee table along with my already eaten muffins next to my beautiful succulents. 

Let me tell you a bit about my succulents. We were at our cousin's house and found them in there fire pit of all places. They had started to die, so she threw them in there. Well, of course, the 3 of us see money and potential. So we pull them out and well the rest is history. We all have beautiful succulents growing at home. Aren't they gorgeous?!

You know what? I am looking at small homes on Pinterest too. So you know our dad owns farm land. The more I keep thinking about how our country is going to words I can't say on here. The more I keep thinking about what we can do to save ourselves. So, that would be growing our food and becoming one with nature and living off of what he provided for us. Now, this isn't something that will change overnight, and lots of researching is to be done. But so far I think our dad has done a great first start by growing organic crops this season and getting away from the evils that lurk us. With that being said, I guess I better start here and get out and pull those big ole weeds up in the garden. After all, if I want to become Laura from Little House on the Prairie, I better get used to it. 

Would you ever decide to live off the land or better yet do you already? I would love to hear your thoughts and ambitions!

Summer Camp, Week 2 starts next week! Stay tuned! 

Ashleigh is a Wife, Mother, & Graphic Designer

Day 3 of Lego Week and a recap of our Summer Camp so far

How has your summer fanned out so far? You know we have been doing our summer camp, and so far it has been going great. Dawson has loved the minute to win it Lego builds he has been doing. As well as the projects on the daily list. See our projects below. 

 This is Dawson's rainbow, garden, hoverboard & truck. 

This is Dawson's rainbow, garden, hoverboard & truck. 

 While this may not look like a "traditional" train, track and station. I love that he used his imagination and made his own. 

While this may not look like a "traditional" train, track and station. I love that he used his imagination and made his own. 

We got a little side tracked on day 2 of summer camp. It was such a pretty day; we couldn't resist on going outside exploring. So that, we did. When we did come inside to build our train & track, we got so caught up in it; we didn't even do the rest of the day camp. That's ok though; we knew it might not go exactly as planned every day. 

Can you believe this beauty is right in our backyard? I must say, I absolutely love living in the country knowing we can explore things like this everyday. 


Can you spot our friend we found while outside? 

We also decided to have our lunch outside as well. 

We took yesterday off since we went to my grandmother's house. So I guess you could say it was a free for all. Today, we plan on doing summer camp day 3 of Lego week. I also plan on throwing in some school work today. Per request by Dawson. I know right! He loves school, what can I say and he's good at it. So if he wants work. I will give him some work. 

Ready for DAY 3 of Lego week? HERE IT IS!

How are you liking the Summer Camps so far? I have more coming for next week too! I am just trying to decide which one to share next!