She's not leaking yet

"Are you leaking yet," "Nope, not yet."

That seems to be the ongoing question these days. Well, I mean not just a general question you just ask someone. That would be rude. However, in our case, it seems to be a good one considering we are waiting any day for Holly to say, "it's time." Which means we rush to the hospital to see a human transform into this world.

Soon, hopefully soon. Just not super soon, because Dawson and I are at Emily's house for a few days so that he can attend a Cross Country/Track camp. So Holly needs to wait (if she can) until we are back home and Emily can get off of work. So preferably a weekend day would be fantastic. We know she's not in control of that, but we can always pray the Lord allows that to happen. 

Two super important people are having babies pretty soon. One, which is Holly and the other my best friend who happens to be having triplets. And people wonder why I get antsy or worried I shall say. It's overwhelming for myself to be waiting, much less the people having these kids. 

So, that's how the week is starting. Wondering if I will be getting a call or text about new babies coming in the world, drinking coffee, and getting ready to watch Dawson run. Sounds exciting right? It seems to be so far. At least it's a different change this week; something else is always so nice. 

Any new changes coming your way? 

Oh, and I got to see Emily leave out today in her cute new scrubs, going to her cute new super important registered dietician job too. She was precious. Makes me think what the heck am I doing with my life. Living, I am living. 

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Research for Change

First of all, who takes all these pictures of people laying around together as a couple? Do they hire someone to stay in their house and follow them around just to take pictures for Instagram? Seems fishy to me.  I am for real asking that question though. Do they have someone they pay money to, to take pictures of them for social media? Because if so, I am betting they make a decent amount of money, and I think I could totally do that job. Except for the fact, I live in Alabama, and I have a kid, husband and a house to take care of. Come to think of it, it probably wouldn't work out that great, but it sure sounds wonderful to try and make some extra money that way. Taking pictures, seems easy and legit, right? 

Not only have I been busy lately, which is why you haven't heard from me. But I basically just didn't want to sit and type. There I said it; I didn't want to blog. I felt like I needed a break. It's not like I post every day and talk so much that I needed this long break to ponder about life. I just didn't want to. Plus I have been swamped for a bit with designs, doing a few researching on various topics. That I won't even mention here, because let's be honest, nobody wants to discuss stuff that is controversial anymore. We might hurt each other's feelings, and heaven forbid everyone isn't happy ALL THE TIME.  

Come on; you know what I'm talking about. When we disagree with someone, it's almost like we just can't talk to that person anymore. If they don't think as we do, or vice versa, all you know what breaks loose. However, isn't it interesting just to hear a different side of subjects?  I mean I'll admit it when someone doesn't see a side I do, it just hits you in the gut. In reality, though, why can't we just accept it and move on. Agree to disagree. 

No, I don't have some quarrel with someone. But sometimes you read or watch information on subjects that you have a new found respect or light on it. You just want to share it with everyone, and I can see how some people become "bible pushers" on certain subjects. 

So you know like a month ago it was fathers day, and I didn't post anything on any kind of social media. However, we did do a "thing" for them. We all had a lovely nice dinner with our dad and grilled out and overate. I had some cool whip I needed to use so, of course, what else do you do? You make "ice cream" sandwiches, right? SURE! So I had some graham crackers, cool whip (slightly frozen) and some chocolate chips, blueberries, and strawberries. Make a sandwich with those, and you have three different "ice-cream sandwiches" to eat after frozen of course. The kids and adults loved them! I, however, did not even eat one. Sad I know. But I had some amazing chocolate chip cake, two pieces to be exact. That, I don't have a recipe for though. One day, one day I will get a certain someone to share that. In the mean time, make some homemade ice-cream sandwiches and have fun. Oh and for the love, if you need someone to take pictures of you so you can earn followers on social media, I may or may not be available for a certain amount. 

I think the pictures are self explanatory though, don't you think? 

Ashleigh is a Wife, Mother & Graphic Designer. 

It's Snacktime Again!!!

Snack, snack, snack. It seems like that is all I do these days, and most days when we get Sloan from daycare, he wants to snack too. Along with most other times of the day. The other night he didn't touch what I had prepared for dinner, so his meal mostly consists of cashews, and wheat crackers...real nutritious huh. I guess what is even worse; I didn't care. For the most part, the kid eats a little bit of everything so from time to time when he doesn't want what I put in front of him; I don't sweat it. 

I have had my eye on a particular snack recipe for a while, but I haven't made them because the recipe called for cereal that I couldn't find. That is, without stepping into Wal-Mart, which I am not going to rush to that place over one thing. Low and behold, my most recent trip to Aldi surprised me with a similar cereal that I thought would work perfectly in this recipe. This recipe calls for only four ingredients, and you don't even have to bake them!! How easy is that!? This recipe comes from a great blog that is all about real food, and she has so many recipes too! 

You will see the cereal I bought is not the same kind the original recipe calls for, but it still gave it that crunch! I also think you could get by with using a little less peanut butter, although peanut butter is always a good thing! 



We love recipes from 100 Days of Real Food, especially these bars. 

Since we went camping last weekend and I took these bars with us, there is maybe one left. I will be making these again soon!

I also made another batch of the 5 ingredient granola bars from I used honey the first time I made these and they were just perfect. This time, I am low on honey so I used maple syrup instead and they are still great but it definitely gave them more of a stickier form. 

You can revisit that recipe here:
Muffins & Granola Bars

What snacks do you like to keep around to snack on?

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An Egg-tastic week, that's a knee-slapper, right?

I must admit that when I had the whole summer camp thing rolling around in my head, it was going to go differently. Not that it can't work differently; this week has just been super busy, so we didn't get as many projects in as I had hoped. 

While I had one printout with five experiments, we only did 3 of them. Maybe next week we will be able to pick up the slack and finish them all. If not that's ok, they will be there for a rainy day. Our egg is still "cooking," in the vinegar. I think it will take an extra day or 2 to be finished. The tornado in the jar was cool, but I don't think Dawson was too impressed with it. Now, what he loved was the baking soda and vinegar experiment. That was one I set up that he could do himself and he was impressed with that. See below how they turned out! Don't forget to watch the video of the "Fizz, fizz, pop, pop"! 

You can see that the egg is not finished. But you can see also that the egg has changed from the first to the last. So soon, I hope we will have a final picture to show the shell completely gone. 

 The tornado, we got a little too blue. But you can see it. Again, Dawson was not too impressed with this experiment. Maybe it would be better for someone younger. He is 7 though. I guess he is already too cool. 

The tornado, we got a little too blue. But you can see it. Again, Dawson was not too impressed with this experiment. Maybe it would be better for someone younger. He is 7 though. I guess he is already too cool. 

 This was the experiment that Dawson really liked. As you can see he was able to do this on his own. 

This was the experiment that Dawson really liked. As you can see he was able to do this on his own. 

This is something any kid I think can do. Just make sure they don't drink the vinegar or eat the baking soda. 

Have you done any summer camps? Are your kids away from camps? Do they plan n going to a camp of any kind? 

Stay tuned for a final picture of our "egg!"

 Ashleigh is a wife, Mother, and Graphic Designer. 

Ashleigh is a wife, Mother, and Graphic Designer.